MindHandle was created by senior leaders with experience spanning creative, technology, corporate marketing, employee engagement and training. We share a common belief that a brand is most powerful when its consumer and employee communications are linked by a common story.

eric harris

Chief Executive Officer

Hometown: Richardson, Texas

Eric has led the business since the merger in 2018. He is responsible for the direction and health of the company, its clients and our employees. Eric has held leadership positions at a handful of Dallas agencies, and he was Director of Integrated Communications at Pizza Hut. He is also the founder of GatherRound, a subsidiary of MindHandle LLC.

ken womack

Chief Creative Officer

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Ken founded MindHandle at the request of our inaugural client, Chili’s, 10 years ago. Ken is an art director by trade and thrives on innovative ways to communicate visually. His work has garnered recognition by Clios, ADDYs, Communications Arts and POPAI, and his brand experience includes Dr Pepper, TGI Fridays, Cook Children’s Medical Center, Coors, Pizza Hut. Ken’s responsible for upholding the highest standards for our creative product as well as managing the team of creative professionals, and he practices many different forms of art in his spare time.

bren taylor montgomery

Chief Technology Officer

Hometown: Reno, Nevada

Bren leads MindHandle’s technology stack and is responsible for a team of business analysts, strategists, UX/UI designers and developers. She provides knowledge and guidance to our clients regarding technical decisions that enhance and support their business goals, while growing the bottom line. Bren firmly believes in keeping the integrity of web guidelines and coding standards, always delivering the highest quality digital product. Prior to joining MindHandle, she led an award-winning technology agency that produced great work for Benchmark Bank, UT Southwestern, Texas Center for Legal Ethics and Bimbo Bakeries USA.

jeff begert

VP | Client Service

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Jeff is responsible for the health and well-being of our prospective and current client relationships. Jeff blends his experience as an account guy with his ability to balance the emotional needs of the customer to help MindHandle grow as a business. His 15-year agency career includes working for brands like GameStop, 7-Eleven, Pizza Hut, Red Lobster, Cabela’s and SMU Football.

AMA DFW’s 2020 Marketer of the Year

We are so humbled by the recognition we’ve received from the American Marketing Association’s DFW Chapter. We were awarded in each of the three categories in which we were finalists – internal communications, healthcare and real estate – and our performance in those categories also earned us the coveted 2020 Marketer of the Year award. read more

passion for the craft
and one another

The majority of your day, and over 1/3 of your life, is spent at work. But that time is a lot more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by people you love and respect. A certain type of person is pulled to MindHandle. It’s someone who enjoys the idea of ‘togetherness.” Working together. Creating together. Laughing together. And making a difference together. After all, that’s what binds us together.

In the end, our good work is a direct result of our good people.

giving back

Our agency culture is all about seeking positive change in individuals and our community.

The arts have been an important part of the agency since the beginning. The MindHandle Scholarship Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) that provides financial aid to high school seniors pursuing education in fine arts. The agency has also donated services to the Dallas non-profit Color Me Empowered that engages at-risk kids through the arts.

During the 2020 COVID Crisis, the agency organized a movement called #TeamUp4TakeOut – an effort to courage people to order takeout from their favorite local restaurant at least four times a week.

Within our industry, MindHandle is a corporate member and supporter of AAF Dallas, DSVC and AMA DFW.

From cultural days like dia de MindHandle, to financial support of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital for 10 years, our agency culture attracts good people who do great things.

scholarship for the creative arts

Supporting the arts and the next generation of artists.


St. Jude's Childrens

Over a decade of financial support for childhood cancer research.



A pledge of restaurant patronage during the pandemic.


the story of your career begins here

Good people tell good stories. We’d love to be a chapter in yours.


The Strategist is the fuel in communications planning, and is primarily responsible for the synthesis of clients’ objectives or problems into effective solutions. As a Strategist, you represent “knowing what to do.” While there are many elements of client and internal interaction, the Strategist should be the expert on the audience above all else.


brand manager

The Brand Manager is the agency force that drives toward the client’s best interest and negotiates that with the Agency’s. You live and die by three documents: The brief (what success looks like), the estimate (what it takes to get there) and the timeline (how long it takes). This trifecta of service makes you an orchestrator, activates the many resources of the Agency and directing them toward a common vision.


creative | copywriter

At MindHandle, we believe great stories move human beings on a deeply emotional level. As a member of the creative team, the Copywriter will research, write and edit stories for a variety of projects, working closely with brand management, project management, strategy and art direction to brainstorm ideas, create concepts, and develop messaging. The most successful copywriter will be a quick learner with a versatile style.


creative | art director

Art Director, you are the eyes on the agency’s creative product. Brand stories, when told visually, come to life in wickedly powerful ways. You have the vision and the skills to breathe life into ideas, turning briefs into BOOM. You’re a problem solver, and there’s nothing you can’t fix with a pencil and the pen tool. But just as importantly, you’re a problem spotter.


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