Brand Manager

Job Description

The Brand Manager is the agency force that drives toward the client’s best interest and negotiates that with the Agency’s. You are, at your core, an orchestrator who activates the many resources of the Agency and directs them toward a common vision. You represent – and hold others accountable to – the success of our clients. The retention of the Agency’s clients is the direct result of your contributions. In a world where it’s easy to get lost, you know the way.

Primary Responsibilities

1. Orchestrate – Combine the many resources of the agency into one cohesive unit that achieves the desired results.

  • To proactively facilitate Agency projects for multiple clients.
  • To prepare for and conduct client meetings, including workshops, presentations, interviews and more.
  • To build, uphold and maintain Agency’s process for facilitating creative services work.
  • To “swim upstream” by asking questions of clients to help define and optimize strategies.
  • To identify and recommend improvements to be made to agency processes.

2. Communicate – Establish and maintain dialogues between agency and client.

  • To build strong relationships with each client.
  • To uphold Agency’s standards for proactive communications with clients and each other.
  • To build, communicate and maintain project timelines.
  • To delegate and activate among agency departments, including strategy, creative, production and project management.
  • To articulate evaluations of creative materials, knowing what success looks like and what needs to be done to reach it.
  • To confidently recommend and stand behind the agency’s work on behalf of the client’s objectives.

3. Navigate – Know the way and bring others with you. In a project economy, this manifests in 3 phases:

Project Kickoff

  • Define project scopes, timelines and budgets.
  • Create estimates, briefs and job specifications.
  • Identify resources needed and communicate the project plans.

Project Development

  • Manage and centralize: workflow process, project documentation, client feedback, project burn
  • Maintain: budgets and timelines, detailed, frequent and effective formal and informal communication to project stakeholders
  • Prepare: proactive solutions, weekly status, meeting agendas, follow-ups on actionable items

Project Deployment

  • Identify and manage all resources necessary for deployment.
  • Support the team by leading assigned projects to flawless execution.
  • Track all expenses and manage all billing.

The easiest definition of success in this role: No bad surprises. Plenty of good ones.

Skills and Qualifications


  • Exceptional communications skills
  • Ability to work independently and with a team to meet deadlines
  • Excellent organizational skill and multitasking ability
  • Very high – extreme, even – attention to detail


  • Proofreading experience and familiarity with standard style guides a plus
  • Experience with multi-unit restaurant, retail & entertainment
  • Experience with project and time management tools Harvest and Basecamp

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