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connecting busy families with epic togetherness


“Birthday Parties” account for roughly 6% of total business at Main Event. More and more options were now available for parents, including doing it yourself with the help of resources like Food Network and Pinterest.

But even offering bowling, laser tag, arcade games, billiards and more all under one fun roof, bookings for kid birthdays had dropped nearly 60%. On top of lost revenue, birthdays were also critical to the business because research found that parties were the #1 source of introduction to the Main Event brand for families.


In talking to moms, there was a lot of stress on them to plan the perfect party. It takes a lot of work, and they are already spread so thin between sports and extracurricular activities. But more so, there was an underlying pressure of the party being “Pinterest worthy,” with 90% of moms feeling their parenting skills were constantly being judged on social media. And to make matters worse, moms didn’t really enjoy the day because they were too busy and stressed planning it.



The #1 thing kids want for their birthday party is to spend time with the ones they love. Thus, the best gift you can give your kid is your presence. In making Main Event once again synonymous with birthdays, we had to win the mom over. We wanted to convince her that parties at Main Event were easy for mom, epic for kids, and everyone wins.


Main Event takes birthdays to a whole new level. And our task was to do the same for birthday bookings.


With activities, games, food, drinks and coordination all handled by a dedicated party host, moms could truly “Be Birthday Present.” That way, all their energy could go into actually spending time with their kid connecting, not coordinating. Because Main Event makes birthdays a piece of cake.

The “Be Birthday Present” campaign entailed photography, POP, digital media, social, email, employee communications and a new microsite.


The COVID-19 pandemic occurred within eight weeks of the launch. Birthday bookings were already sharply increased until locations were forced to close and cancel reservations. But the campaign had received press coverage by Yahoo News and, and was named a “Best Birthday Party” by

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