welcome to the age of brand transparency

Everything has changed, and it’s no longer acceptable to be opaque. The black box that once protected corporations’ internal activities has been lifted, making way for the glass box. Employees are now both media and consumers. Consumers are now potential employees and media channels in their own way.

Brand Building

A strong consumer brand requires a strong employment brand, and vice-versa.

employee experience

MindHandle uses time-tested storytelling methods to define and challenge an organization’s Mission, Vision, Values and Employment Value Proposition, all through the eyes of the employee. From recruits to alumni, the employee journey is packed with opportunities to communicate. Our work empowers employers to break through to their teams and motivate them along this journey by stirring them emotionally.

Employer Value Proposition
Principal Centered Leadership
Mission, Vision, Values
Internal Communications Audits

Internal Content Calendar
Employee Journey Mapping
Employee Segmentation Strategy
The Campfire Method® Presentation Training

internal communications

Reaching employees has never been more challenging, let alone empowering them to be media channels and champions for the brand. Employment branding comes to life with internal communications strategies that engage people to do their life’s best work, improving turnover and increasing loyalty.

Brand Visual Identity
In-store Experiences
Menus & Merchandising

Promotional Campaigns
Digital Development

digital workplace

The modern employee experience is fueled by innovative technology that improves communication “from the boots to the boardroom.” Today’s winning organizations treat their employees with the same respect as they treat their customers, empowering them to access the brand through intranets, learning management systems, training platforms and more.

Brand Positioning
Account Planning
Audience Segmentation

Customer Journeys
New Product Launch

executive development

Leadership is communication, and an employee’s success depends largely on the skills to paint a picture of a brighter future and show teammates the way. That’s why MindHandle teaches The Campfire Method® for presentation and communication skills training. So established and aspiring leaders alike can get more people moving in the right direction, quickly.

Lead Generation
Content Strategy
Social Media
Marketing Automation

CRM Strategy
Sales Enablement
Email Marketing
Web Design

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