why magnetic storytelling?

Welcome to the age of brand transparency. Everything has changed, and it’s no longer acceptable to be opaque. The black box that once protected corporations’ internal activities has been lifted, making way for the glass box. Employees are now both media and consumers. Consumers are now potential employees and media channels in their own way. Elevating internal culture elevates a brand in the marketplace, and vice-versa.

Brand Building

Bringing a brand’s magnetic stories to life requires discipline and a breadth of capabilities, ranging from strategic prowess to award-winning creative output.


A brand’s magnetism is defined by its actions. At MindHandle, we create magnetic marketing communications that act to attract.

Brand Visual Identity
In-store Experiences
Menus & Merchandising

Promotional Campaigns
Digital Development


What does success look like, and how will we get there? The essential strategy questions sometimes lead to answers, sometimes to more questions, always to killer creative.

Brand Positioning
Account Planning
Audience Segmentation

Customer Journeys
New Product Launch

employee experience

A brand and the culture of the company are no longer mutually exclusive. Magnetic Storytelling demands we explore the employees’ perspective, empowering them to align with a shared purpose.

Employer Value Proposition
Principal Centered Leadership
Mission, Vision, Values
Internal Communications Audits

Internal Content Calendar
Employee Journey Mapping
Employee Segmentation Strategy
The Campfire Method® Presentation Training

content marketing

Magnetic brands have a strong pull that comes from an ability to educate, inform and inspire at the right point in the employee and consumer story.

Lead Generation
Content Strategy
Social Media
Marketing Automation

CRM Strategy
Sales Enablement
Email Marketing
Web Design


A magnetic brand fuels the consumer and employee experience with innovative technology. At MindHandle, we look to tech as a way to put business goals within reach, and to bring brand stories to life.

Digital Landscape Audits
Web Design & Development
Custom Software & Applications
Learning Management Systems

Hosting Management
Site Maintenance
Program & Project Management

ready to write your brand's magnetic story?

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